Jonathan Collie


Here I share updates on recent project launches, personal projects and news.

Oct, 2021

Website Launched: From Behind the Mask Quilt

Today marked the launch of a digital version of and a new website for the From Behind the Mask Quilt community art project. Organized by Brenda Reid, a recent graduate of the University of Waterloo School of Architecture, From Behind the Mask is a community quilt made of individual quilt blocks submitted by Tri-City community members sharing their experiences of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. My work involved the creation of a new website for the project which includes a digital version of the quilt that viewers can explore online.

Learn more about the project and view the website and digital quilt online at

May, 2021

I Started A Shop!

Update (Sep, 2021):
New items available (KW tote, 8x10 prints). 8x10 prints and postcards are now for sale at Gifted Waterloo in Belmont Village.


I started a shop! I’ve always had a love for architecture and placemaking as well as a lot of love for the amazingly creative and one-of-a-kind community Waterloo Region is. As a way to bring these two interests together, I started a series of postcards featuring some of the area’s most distinctive buildings and landmarks. My hope is that these postcards could be shared with friends and family to celebrate Waterloo Region’s unique architecture and landmarks. This is the first batch of postcards in series that I hope to expand over time in the coming months!

More products to come to my shop in the future as well!

Check them out online at

Dec, 2020

New Website for Stephanie Scott

Congrats to Stephanie Scott on the launch of her new portfolio website! 🎉 Stephanie Scott is a Designer and Artist based in Waterloo, Ontario. Known for her mural work around town, she also does Branding and Graphic Design work for community businesses. This year I helped Stephanie design and build an updated portfolio website that allows viewers to explore her vast portfolio and experience online and to dive deep into the detail of her work and process. The website is highly visual and includes in-depth case studies of some of her most recent work.

Check out Stephanie, her new website and her work at: and on Instagram @sstephaniesscott.